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Nah ini! Gak banyak yang bisa.

Bahwasanya perjalanan hidup punya cerita masing2.
Bahwasanya cita2 pun bisa beda2.
Bahwasanya bersahabatpun perlu diperjuangkan :-)

Amatlah indah kalo persahabatan itu melampaui ruang & waktu. Bukan hanya di dunia, tapi hingga ke jannahNya :)

#sahabat #ukhuwah – View on Path.

Just be brave…
At list just to say “hello”

To make dream come true…
Don’t never give up

Try… Try… Try… Try Harder… Harder…

When you love someone or connect silaturahmi
i’m just waiting for the moment to tell you 
and waiting and i’ll make you all mine 
well i’m waiting, waiting, waiting for you
I still have a time to break a silence
When you love someone
Just be brave to say that you want him/her to be with you
When you hold your love
Don’t ever let it go
Or you will loose your chance
To make your dreams come true…
Cause love will find a way
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